Hi Alan

Thank you so much for coming to tune my piano last week, and for repairing the keys which weren’t working properly  They sound so much better now, more smooth and resonant, and practising has become enjoyable again.

I hope it wasn’t too much of a come-down for you!  When we went to the Lauren Zhang concert, my husband couldn’t believe that I’d had the gall to ask you to tune my modest piano after that amazing piano in the church!

Once again, many thanks,





Dear Alan


I am really pleased about three things:


1  That you have done such a lovely job on the piano - I have just been playing it and you have not only made it beautiful, but you have made it sound and feel just like you said you would.


2  That you have said that you like it!...... I was beginning to think that I had been "had" when I bought it, but I definitely don't think so any more


3  That you told me that you had not much to do to the bass or the upper notes - one of the reasons that I bought this instrument was that I loved the sound of the bass notes, and that the top notes were properly discernible as being in tune.


You are a copper bottomed, gold plated, diamond studded, weapons grade star.


Thank you

Richard D  



HI Alan

This is just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the piano now.   The tone and balance is as I wish save that I feel we can take the upper register down a little now to fall into line with the range currently voiced as of yesterday.  

Kind regards


David P  



Dear Alan,



I was going to write today to tell you how thrilled I am with the piano in Lyme. It has a good tone and is in very good condition. Perfect for our purposes.

I will pay the invoice today and thank you again for all your hard work on the pianos.


catherine H  




Hi Alan,

Much appreciated - thank you for everything you have done. I will make a note to contact you again in 6 months as recommended! Good to meet you today.

We will use the heater for the winter months only as recommended.

Thank you again With best wishes,  






Hi Alan,


Just wanted to let you know that since our old girl has been moved and tuned, by your expert hand, she has been played every day. She sounds so much better to our ears and she looks like she is back as a part of the family again. Thank you.


See you in a year





I received this lovely video (from an equaly lovely customer) who had a service/tuning day on his piano. He was so pleased with the work i had done, and the possitive change to the instrument, that he made a short video of appreciation.

''Alan, thank you! Nobody has made our piano feel and sound as beautiful as you have. FANTASTIC! "